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The Best Infusion Suite in Paducah, Kentucky

Updated: Mar 18, 2023

Did you know that you can receive your needed infusion treatments outside of a hospital setting?

That’s right, patients cared for by a Paducah Rheumatology provider and even patients seen by other healthcare professionals can come to our very own Infusion Suite to receive prescribed infusion treatments.

This outpatient option is located in the comfort of our own clinic, and provides everything you need for your rheumatic disease care that a hospital-based infusion site can offer.

In fact, our Infusion Suite is not just available to patients diagnosed with rheumatic diseases.

Infusion services are beneficial for a variety of other medical conditions including neurological, dermatologic, and gastrointestinal diseases, and we are happy to provide the best care possible to anyone with ordered infusible treatments from another provider.

What components make an infusion center the best infusion suite in Paducah, Kentucky? Here’s a list of the top eight reasons why patients love the Infusion Suite at Paducah Rheumatology.

#1 - Affordability

For many of our patients, the cost of receiving biologic treatments is a primary concern. When compared to the price of hospital-based infusions, our Infusion Suite will typically have lower out of pocket costs and lower total costs to the system (which impacts future premiums!)

#2 - Verified Insurance Coverage

You don’t have to fight your insurance company for coverage. We do that for you! Our committed team at Paducah Rheumatology will do all the work to confirm insurance coverage. Office-administered treatments also get you out of the hassle of dealing with a specialty pharmacy, arranging drug shipments, and navigating copay assistance programs on your own.

#3 - Expert Care

The best infusion suite in Paducah, Kentucky should come with the best care! Our Infusion Suite is staffed with a highly-trained clinical team that provides expert level care to ensure your treatment goes well from start to finish. Having these periodic “touch points” with our team also allows us to more easily flag medical concerns which might impact your treatment and safety (ie, upcoming surgery, recent illness, or other factors which might lead us to recommend treatment adjustments).

#4 - Accurately Administered

Coming to our Infusion Suite eliminates the need to give yourself shots at home, which gives many patients an irreplaceable peace of mind knowing that their meds will be administered correctly.

#5 - A Set Schedule

Not only will your treatment be administered properly at the Infusion Suite, it will be given on time as well. You won’t have to worry about forgetting doses like when on a home regime. Rather, patients of the Infusion Suite follow a set schedule in order to receive treatments in the appropriate time frame.

#6 - Shorter Wait Times

Hospitals tend to come with long, extended wait times. At our Infusion Suite, our team works quickly and efficiently to get you in and out as soon as possible.

#7 - Less Exposure to Sickness

Hospitals are also packed with sickness. When already immunocompromised, no patient wants to be exposed to extra germs. The Infusion Suite is kept clean and sanitary, and you won't see sick patients coming and going like at a hospital.

#8 - Comfort

Part of providing the best infusion suite in Paducah, Kentucky means we want our patients to feel comfortable and at ease during their treatments. Our Infusion Suite is fully stocked with snacks, blankets, televisions, Wi-Fi service, and magazines.

Come See Our Infusion Suite!

We understand that there are other infusion center locations to choose from and a simple Internet search of “outpatient infusion centers near me” will yield all sorts of results.

But if you are looking for the best infusion suite in Paducah, Kentucky, come and check out ours at Paducah Rheumatology.

We offer treatment for a wide variety of medical conditions and diseases at the Infusion Suite, and we would love to meet with you to see if you qualify.

Give us a call today at 270-408-6100, and send in a physician’s referral if you will be a new patient.

We look forward to helping you live your best life through the treatment services offered at the Paducah Rheumatology Infusion Suite.

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