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Infusion Suite

photo of the infusion suite
photo of the infusion suite

Welcome to our Infusion Suite

Paducah Rheumatology is proud to offer the option of infusion treatment to our patients in the comfort of our clinic.  If you and Dr. Phillips choose an infusable treatment, our team will handle the process of confirming insurance coverage and scheduling care that is centered around your comfort. 

Our infusion suite is equipped with snacks, refreshments, blankets, wi-fi, magazines and television so you can relax while our clinical team ensures that all goes well with your treatment.

While our infusion team oversees  all that this treatment entails, rest assured that we have designed the suite with your comfort in mind.

doctor with a medical report on a tablet
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All that We Offer

We offer a variety of infusible treatments for rheumatic diseases such as RA, psoriatic arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, lupus, vasculitis, osteoporosis, and gout.

We are also happy to offer infusion services to patients with GI, neurologic, or dermatologic diseases, whose providers have ordered an infusible treatment. Many insurers are recognizing the higher cost of these treatments when given in hospital facilities, and are increasingly requiring outpatient sites of care.

Infusions in our center are cheaper, faster, and more patient-friendly than the hospital site.  Ask your provider to contact us to facilitate this. 

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