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Frequently Asked Questions about a Rheumatic Disease Diagnosis

Updated: Dec 20, 2022

Here at Paducah Rheumatology, we understand that receiving a rheumatic disease diagnosis comes with all sorts of emotions.

Some might feel discouraged, sad, lost, and anxiety-ridden.

Others might feel a sense of relief to be given a reason as to why they are experiencing certain symptoms.

While the range of feelings often vary among our patients, I see one common reaction - a need for answers.

Having questions is natural, and we are ready to discuss your concerns and questions.

  • We want you to feel optimistic about your future.

  • We want you to feel prepared to tackle whatever challenges come your way.

  • We want you to feel equipped to manage your rheumatic disease and the associated symptoms.

Patient education is important to us, and we strive to arm our patients with knowledge about their diagnosis.

Below is a list of frequently-asked questions many of our patients want to discuss once they receive a diagnosis.


What is an autoimmune or rheumatic disease?

Is there a cure to my condition?

Is a rheumatic disease a lifelong diagnosis?

Is my condition genetic or hereditary?

How advanced is my autoimmune disease?


What are my treatment options?

What medications are available for my specific diagnosis?

Do I need to start medication immediately?

Are there any expected side effects to certain medications?

Is medication my only option?

How soon do medications start working?

Are there any new, up and coming treatment options available?

Can I take vitamins or supplements alongside prescribed medications?

Will over-the-counter medications interact with my prescribed medications?

What kind of improvements can I anticipate once I begin treatment?


What can I do to decrease the chances of a flare-up?

Should I anticipate regular flare-ups?

What can I do to improve my symptoms?

Will my inflammation subside?


Do I need to make lifestyle changes?

Can I still exercise?

Are there certain activities to avoid?

Can the foods I eat impact my disease progression?

Is physical or occupational therapy helpful?

Is it okay to get pregnant?


How often do I need follow-up visits?

Do I need to see other medical specialists?

Will I need continued lab work or imaging?

If my symptoms feel unmanageable, what should I do?

What are my chances of developing other autoimmune conditions?

A Treatment Plan Designed Just For You!

Whether you come to see us as a new patient or returning one, our approach remains the same … We provide personalized care that is catered to meet your specific healthcare needs.

We are ready to answer your questions and address your concerns. Living with a rheumatic disease can come with a variety of unknowns, but we strive to ensure you feel educated and prepared to manage your condition.

Your concerns are our concerns. We are here to support you. You can live a fulfilling life, even with a rheumatic disease diagnosis.

Let’s work together!

Send in your physician’s referral, then give us a call today at 270-408-6100 to make an appointment.

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